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What We Do

WealthArc was founded on the belief that Wealth Management can and should benefit from the latest technologies and digital innovations, in line with other industries, to accelerate growth and attract new generations of clients.

Using automation and smart data consolidation technology, we came up with a way to increase efficiency for wealth management professionals by drastically reducing the amount of time needed to complete data consolidation, reporting, compliance  and other administrative tasks.

We developed an easy-to-use and affordable wealth management platform that does not require installation neither long and often costly set-up. WealthArc uses a robust API engine to fully automatically consolidate and unify data from various custodian banks and is accessible anywhere anytime and from any device with Internet access.

The smart solution for digital transformation allows wealth managers to focus on growing their business and staying competitive in a rapidly changing world.

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Who We Are

With backgrounds in engineering and finance, Chris Gogol and Radomir Mastalerz were uniquely placed to form a company that uses technology to make life easier for wealth management professionals.

CEO Chris gained his insight into the finance industry during his time at globally respected Swiss bank Vontobel in Zurich whilst CTO Radomir was privileged to realize his technological expertise whilst working for UBS in London.

Together they created WealthArc and were honoured by the speed at which customers have adopted their unique platform that makes digital transformation simple for wealth managers.

WealthArc is run in adherence with Chris and Radomir’s core values of efficiency through automation, affordability through transparent pricing that never includes hidden costs, and accessibility through easy-to-use and simply maintained web-based products.

What started as a small team has quickly grown into a flourishing company of dedicated innovators committed to increasing customer benefits through intelligent product development.

WealthArc is proud and delighted to have a steadily rising number of partners and ambassadors who believe in our wealth management solution.

Founder and CEO
Chris Gogol
Co-founder and CTO
Radomir Mastalerz

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