Workflow Automation

More time for what really matters – your clients

Forget about manual data crunching in spreadsheets and enjoy the benefits of automating your reporting, portfolio management and many of your other daily tasks

How does it work?

Fulfilling the unending administrative requirements of wealth management is both tedious and time-consuming.

WealthArc offers a secure, time-saving and cost-effective PMS/CRM solution.

By automating work our user-friendly platform speeds up the completion of mundane manual tasks allowing wealth managers to focus instead on growing their business.

Reports and invoices are generated with just one click before being sent.

Client notes and contact information are safely stored in one place giving you a 360-degree view of assets and client interactions.

WealthArc ends dependence on outdated tools such as notebooks, desktop calendars, emails, and 40-year-old spreadsheet technology. Our solution makes it easy to digitally transform the way you do business so you can spend more time on what matters – your clients.

Transform the Way You Work

Automate your work so you can focus on growing your business

Intuitive Portfolio Management System

Staying on top of the details of every position and transaction is easy with WealthArc. When your clients request specific information, and expect a lightning response we’ve got your back.

The WealthArc PMS allows you to quickly access all positions at any custodian bank, and instantly check PnL or historical transactions. View AuM breakdowns to asset classes, currencies’ regions and all client inflows/outflows, fees, and taxes in your portfolio dashboard. Analyse net and gross TWR Portfolio Performance for any time range and currency.

Our solution monitors overdrafts and investment guidelines. You will be notified in the event of a breach so that you can take immediate action.

With WealthArc you can customize what data you see and present to the client so they are never forced to sift through irrelevant information.

Client Information and Documents

WealthArc relieves wealth managers from the time-consuming manual work associated with CRM by improving the way client information is organized.

Our solution automatically stores all the information relating to your clients and documents in one easy-to-access place, giving you and your team a 360-degree view of your customer base.

Keep track of all client meetings or calls with an intuitive note-taking tool. You can even integrate your email with WealthArc so that all communication with clients is automatically archived for audit and compliance purposes.

Your company will benefit from greater efficiency and improved customer service when multiple teams can share and access up-to-date client information.

Automated Fees and Invoicing

It only takes one click to calculate and generate invoices and customisable reports, both of which can be automatically sent out to your clients at your convenience.

All documents are generated automatically in the language of the client and with your brand’s colours and company logo.

WealthArc calculates management and performance fees, taking into consideration HWM, hurdle rates, minimum fees and any invoicing frequencies.

Since nothing is more valuable to your clients than their time, they will appreciate how much faster you can respond to their enquiries when you use

WealthArc to automate your workflow.
With our solution great customer service comes naturally.

Integrated Order Management System

Doing pre-trade checks can be a tedious task. Allow WealthArc to confirm whether or not you have enough cash to execute a trade, if you are in line with client risk profiles or special instructions, if the product is suitable, and if the trade meets cross-border rules.

Finally, easily generate order reports ready to be sent to your custodian bank for execution. Avoid errors when trading and speed up the execution process.