One Engine, Different Needs

Technology is moving forward at an astonishing pace and it affects all businesses around the world. The financial industry is undergoing a digital revolution. WealthArc thrives to deliver the highest quality and cutting-edge solutions to the investment industry. Over the years it has developed – DATANEXT – a FinTech (Financial Technology) engine consisting of innovative algorithms which solves critical business problems. DATANEXT applies the latest technologies in big data, artificial intelligence and cyber-security and makes them available to everyone in the investment industry.


Big data

It’s 21st century and you deserve automated data collection from multiple custodian banks. WealthArc integrates all portfolio data and provides you with unified views. So you can focus on relevant analytics. WealthArc’s financial algorithms provide you with analysis on performance and benchmark, allocations and contributions, financial risk management and investment guideline checks. Through the portfolio dashboards, you can share relevant analyses with your clients or connect it with your Excel reports

Artificial intelligence

Profit from WealthArc’s prediction models and machine learning services. Get optimized trade porposals or automized rebalancing based on individual client profiles. WealthArc aggregates all information and combine it with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to transform the data into actionable insights. Automate recurring portfolio management tasks and save valuable time.


Securely share interactive analytics and documents with your clients. WealthArc’s security gives you and your clients access to all relevant portfolio information anytime and anywhere. WealthArc’s solution takes care of data encryption and frequent data backups. It offers you the flexibility to access and share all information you want with who you want.

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