Data Consolidation

Comprehensive view of portfolios and client information

Consolidate portfolios from custodian banks fully automatically

and with the highest data quality on the market

How does it work?

Successful wealth management relies on quick access to data but gathering all the information you need every day from numerous sources takes time.

Managing portfolios at multiple custodian banks is tedious and so time-consuming it can lead to new customers being turned away. Whatever the custodian bank or booking center, WealthArc brings together all the information on the market, your clients and their transactions in one platform.

Do you plan to hire a new relationship manager with client portfolios at a new custodian bank? The WealthArc Management Information System informs you exactly how much AuM or how many clients your company has with each custodian and how many assets each RM manages. Bring more transparency to your business and make informed decisions every day.

A Safer And Smarter Way To Work

Forget about manual data consolidation in spreadsheets. WealthArc offers a comprehensive, time-saving and secure automatic data consolidation solution. Save time and resources with WealthArc when you log into one application instead of multiple e-banking systems.

Highest Data Quality

WealthArc frees you from all the tedious and time-consuming manual work associated with data consolidation.

Our engineers applied the latest technologies to build a system that automatically consolidates portfolio positions and transaction data from various custodian banks every morning.

Our system receives data in whatever format the bank or custodian sends it. The data is then consolidated automatically and presented to you in a single, user-friendly format for easy comparison.

Easy Set-Up

We know that migrating from one IT solution to another can be a drain on time and resources. That’s why we engineered WealthArc so that no installation is required.

All you need to do is provide us with the contact details of relationship managers at the custodian banks you work with and our experts will do the rest.

You’ll receive a notification when your API to integrated custodian banks is ready to use. Set-up is fast and there are no hidden costs.

Integrated Market Data

Our solution releases wealth managers from the daily task of collecting data from multiple sources.

Log in to WealthArc’s user-friendly platform and you’ll find not only all the portfolios from your custodian banks but also updated market data from leading providers, e.g. Refinitiv (former Thomson Reuters Financial and Risk).

What is more, WealthArc is integrated with data terminals such as Eikon for user convenience and efficiency.

Comprehensive Management Information System

WealthArc’s Management Information System (MIS) allows you to slide and dice your AuM, and sort your portfolios and earned fees by a multiple range of factors and filters.

Order your data by custodian bank, relationship manager, currency, strategy, region, or mandate.

Updates are completed automatically so all the data you need is synced and ready for you when you log in.

Understand AuM flow in your company and get ready to on-board new relationship managers or custodian banks.