Digital Client Portal

Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations. Attract a new generation of clients with WealthArc’s Digital Client Portal.

How does it work?

Gone are the days when clients would request an update on their investments and wait patiently to receive a report through mail. Today’s customer is used to having their needs met instantly via multi-channel technology.

For wealth managers who rely on outdated tools and the spreadsheet technology, the only way to avoid drowning in client requests is to find a faster and smarter way to work.

With WealthArc, you can give your clients 24-hour live access to an overview of all their family wealth, from art and financial investments at various custodian banks to property to private equity through our Digital Client Portal.

Your clients will appreciate being able to access their portfolio wherever they go via their mobile device in the same way that they check their bank balance.

Freed from the daily workload of client requests, you can optimize your schedule to focus on strengthening your relationships with existing clients and growing your business.

With WealthArc
Building a Customer-Centric Business
Is Easy

Give your clients 24-hour access to their wealth and more of your time!

Overview of All Assets

Meeting every client request is a slow, and repetitive process that takes a huge bite out of a wealth manager’s working week. It is even more complex if your HNWI or UHNWI client has portfolios at banks in multiple countries and booking centers.

Our solution automatically consolidates portfolios from various custodian banks and provides you with insightful information on historical performance, allocation, and risk.

With WealthArc, you and your client have easy access to an overview of the entire family’s wealth. By logging in, they can quickly check their – not only their – financial investments, but also any real estate, art or private equity.

Digital Client Portal

WealthArc makes it possible for you to give your clients 24-hour access to their investment portfolio through a branded web-portal, should you wish to do so.

You can send automatically-generated consolidated reports to your clients or let them log in to their own personalized and user-friendly portfolio dashboard.

Our Digital Client Portal allows to check on their financial investments quickly and conveniently – consolidated from various custodian banks and booking centres, as well as their property assets, private equity, art, etc.

Anytime, Anywhere & from Any Device

Your clients are used to finding the information they want via their smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices whenever they want it.

WealthArc gives you and your clients 24-hour access to their assets via a high-performance, intuitive and visually appealing platform that will satisfy even the most technologically sophisticated ones.

You’ll be able to offer an improved customer experience and benefit from the reduction in printing and mailing costs and a decrease in the volume of inbound calls.

Technology of the Future

Crypto-assets, crypto currencies, wallets, smart contracts: HNWIs and the newly wealthy are enthusiastic adopters of today’s ‘always-on’ technology, which is perfectly suited to their time-poor, cash-rich lifestyles.

Some of them have already invested in crypto-currencies and bought digital assets and will most likely be the first adopters of smart contracts. WealthArc, with innovation in its DNA, already integrates investments with crypto-currencies and with the systems that use them.

With WealthArc you will have an unique opportunity to forge deeper and more meaningful connections with your client base and to create and implement irresistible value-added services.

With the fast, user-friendly, and personalised service they receive, your clients will remain loyal and will naturally recommend your services to others, boosting your acquisition of new business.