Regulatory Compliance


Peace of mind over compliance and data security

Gain future-proof, automated verifications for MiFID II, FIDLEG and GDPR

How does it work?

Managing client portfolios in a highly regulated environment is a responsible and complex process.

To keep in line with the ever-growing wave of compulsory regulations, wealth managers are spending an increasing amount of time carrying out a seemingly endless string of client checks.

WealthArc offers a fast and cost-effective automated solution to financial compliance.

Our technology uses algorithms to process each trade, verify it against current regulations and issue warnings and alerts when necessary.

Our smart platform updates automatically with every new regulation giving you total peace of mind.

A Faster and Safer Way to Work

WealthArc is the secure and time-saving compliance solution you’re looking for.

First Class Data Security

WealthArc works only with the most trusted data-centers Swisscom and Microsoft.

We deliver automatic data backups and disaster recovery under a shared responsibility framework, making our platform the safest option for wealth managers and their clients.

We give you full control over your data, ensuring GDPR compliance, client data and documents are stored close by – in Switzerland for Swiss customers, in Singapore for APAC customers, and in Amsterdam and Dublin for EU customers.

Transactions transmitted by custodian banks are monitored for sensitive client information, which is deleted immediately following detection by an algorithm. With WealthArc the safety and security of your client data is guaranteed.

User Roles & 2-Step Authentication

With WealthArc you can allow and restrict access to any portfolio for any employee. We made user roles and permissions customisable because we know that every company and team is unique.

For example, a CEO and Chief Compliance Officer may be given access to all portfolios whilst a RM is only allowed to access the portfolios they manage.

Forget about having yet another username or password to memorize. Integrate WealthArc with Office 365 and use the same password to log-in to your email and to our platform. Protect your data with 2-step authentication (e.g. mobile app code).

WealthArc comes with unlimited user licenses making it easy to give all your employees and HNW clients access. Our pricing stays the same no matter how many licenses you need.

Teams can share up to the minute information for a more consistent approach and faster decision-making.

Financial Risk Management

WealthArc lifts from your shoulders the crushing weight of having to carry out countless allocation checks. Create and follow your bespoke investment guidelines and ensure all allocations are in sync with the risk profiles of your clients.

Customize the asset tree or regions classifications. Receive daily alerts on guideline breaches, overdrafts and expiration dates.

Each client is special. WealthArc allows you to insert client-specific restrictions and special instructions. When you simulate a trade, all guidelines and rules are automatically validated. You’ll receive clear permission to proceed safely, with no need to wait for a response from your legal department.

Regulatory Compliance

Keeping up with the details of every new compulsory regulation such as MiFID II or FIDLEG, is almost a full-time role in itself. WealthArc works with top partners in the industry, who digitize compliance rules from the Big-4 as each new regulation is passed, so you never have to worry about incurring fines or penalties.

With our solution all appropriateness or suitability checks are completed in minutes with no need to look up forgotten clauses or bother your Legal Department with queries.

WealthArc handles all the official checks – Anti-Money Laundering, Cross-border, KYC – in a simple, one-step process saving you valuable time and effort. You can comment on client transactions and keep track of them digitally for the FINMA or other financial authority. All user actions are tracked in the audit log for your compliance officer or auditor.